Emergency Preparedness in Indian CountryLamar Associates can provide customized, strategic planning and response protocols specifically geared toward the needs of your organization or community in the event of tragedy or catastrophic event, whether by natural, accidental or intentional means.

We are committed to saving lives and providing essential services that may not be available in the first hours or days following a disaster.


Walter Lamar and Sam Stanton, former partners at the FBI

Crisis Management

Be prepared – it could save lives.
According to the American Management Association, 51% of organizations do not have crisis management in place, and 59% do not have procedures for crisis management and response. In today’s unsettled world, your company, employees, customers and investors could be vulnerable to tragedy given the myriad of potential crisis that could arise without warning. Terrorism, workplace violence and natural disasters are realities – but preparation, planning and training can help save lives and manage recovery from these events. We can help you evaluate strengths and vulnerabilities and provide realistic, cost-effective solutions to real world situations for your company or community.

Walter Lamar with US Border Patrol on Texas-New Mexico border

Threat Assessment & Analysis

Learn to spot trouble.
There are three types of threats: natural, accidental and intentional. Lamar Associates can help you mitigate potentially hazardous situations by identifying the source of a potential threat, the likelihood of occurrence and the possible impact. Determining the acceptable levels of risk, scope and cost to an organization or community is crucial.
We can help you identify threats to your company or community and provide a realistic assessment of their potential harm.


What you can do so you never have to make that call Risk Management

Can it happen to us?
How likely is the threat that your company or community might be required to respond following an emergency, disaster or sabotage? Any negative event has the potential to cripple and even destroy a company or community and its ability to perform or provide vital services. We will work with your organization and community at every level to develop guidelines, policies, methodologies and contingencies to save lives and protect your assets, employees, residents and visitors.
From written policies, procedures and communication plans to realistic training, execution and counseling resources, Lamar Associates can help your company or community respond to any situation.

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